VideoNow! improves transparency and customer communication


When our Smartphone App is used in your workshop, it can improve on the existing levels of transparency, communication that you already share with your customer.

As faults or advised work are found during routine servicing, MOT or checks, you can instantly record any defects that you wish to bring to your customers attention and your customer can view that video within minutes.

Within a few minutes of the recording, your customer will be able to watch the video on his Internet enabled PC or Mobile Device and respond to you in a timely fashion to agree on repair work which you can carry out straight away if required.

You may also just wish to record a positive outcome on a health check video while the vehicle is up in the air on a lift – giving the customer a view of their own car which they may otherwise struggle to see.

This can save downtime on work were the customer may in the past have chosen to visit you to look at and understand the problems you have found.

Using VideoNow! in your workshop can increase efficiency and transparency, and increase the levels of trust you already share with your customer.
This should lead to increased sales in the future.