Record. Send. View!

It’s really simple, just record a small video using our App, hit upload and we’ll do the rest to present it to your customer.

VideoNow! App for recording and sharing videos

We provide a custom built SmartPhone App for use on Android or Apple based devices.

The VideoNow! App allows you to record a video which you can then give a name to, and you can enter your recipients name and email address.
Our VideoNow! App will upload your video to our server for processing and will then email your customer a personalised email containing a link to the video in usually less than a minute of you pressing the Upload button.

Manage your videos in one place

In addition to the VideoNow! App our service provides you with your own web based dashboard system which allows you to personalise your video templates, and manage and review any videos which have been sent through the system.

The dashboard also shows you the activity log for each video, including when it was emailed and viewed, and how many times it has been viewed.

In a multi-user or multi-device environment, the dashboard will allow you to manage the users and devices which are permitted to record video using the VideoNow! App.

Custom Email and Presentation Templates

VideoNow! includes the facility to manage multiple templates which will be displayed in the emails received by your customers. You can also choose from multiple web page templates which present and play back the recorded video to your customers and prospective customers.

You can for example have different templates depending on new or used vehicle sales, or different templates for a vehicle health check video, as opposed to a fault/issue feedback video.

Email Templates

Pick and choose from a range of email templates.

Increased productivity and sales

Getting customers to view your emails will increased sales and productivity in the workshop.


Personalised Direct Emails

Emails are targeted to your customers, with their details and the videos for them.

Super fast video

Using our VideoNow! App means that you can have personalised video delivered directly to your customer email inbox usually in less than a minute.

Rapid delivery!

Videos usually delivered in under a minute.

Optimised Video

The videos have been optimised to be viewed on both mobile and desktop displays.

Sales and Workshop

The same video format is used for both sales and workshop, so no loss in quality format.