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VideoNow! by VMS Software Ltd

VideoNow produce an innovative SmartPhone App for Android and Apple devices that allows users to easily record and email video of vehicles for sale on a forecourt, or undergoing repairs or checks in a workshop environment.

VideoNow can aid the car buying process by allowing a potential buyer the opportunity to see the car in a more dynamic setting than a photograph may offer.

For your customers who have their vehicle in your workshop, VideoNow can help them make informed decisions relating to any action for any defects you may wish to advise them about during routine work such as service, repair or checks.

A personal video presentation produced with VideoNow can be in your customer’s inbox in seconds, and allow decisions to be made quickly which might otherwise be delayed if the customer had to arrange a visit to your workshop or dealership.

Where did the idea come from?

The concept of recording videos in a workshop or dealership has been around for nearly a decade but has only really be taken up by a lot of franchise delaerships in the past 2 years. The founders of VideoNow have more than 20 years of experience in the Independent Automotive Software sector. Having only learnt of automotive specific video recording technology in the past few years, we researched the market and believed that there was room for a more cost effective and customisable solution available.

“We’ve tried the pre-release version of the system. We found it easy to use. It’s great to be able to quickly send videos of vehicle issues to customers while we have their car up on the ramp – it makes the job much more efficient and saves the customer coming in to sign of advisory work.”

Chris Diplock, William Street Motor Services, Cleethorpes

I have tried other systems and this is the best.   It is unbeatable at the price.

BRENDAN MORRIS – Morris Motors, Finglas, Ireland

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